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I deliver Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health Awareness training to organisations, increasing mental health knowledge and improving support.




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Mental health related illness is one of the biggest causes of staff absence and costs the UK economy billions of pounds every year.

Your organisation can take action to tackle this problem head on by adding mental health training to staff development goals. I can help you and your organisation to achieve this through the training courses that I provide. Find out more about the courses on the services page by clicking here.

By training a network of Mental Health First Aiders to support others in the workplace, I can help businesses save their money that is lost due to staff absence, staff loss and, therefore, the need for and cost of recruitment and training of new staff. In addition to this network, I recommend training for everyone in Mental Health Awareness for a solid foundation of mental health in your organisation. On average, for every £1 spent on supporting people’s mental health, employers get back £5 on their investment in reduced absence, presenteeism and staff turnover (Deloitte analysis 2020).

You are here because you are wanting to put in place measures in your workplace to ensure the right support is always available to your staff and implementing training in mental health is part of that strategy.

Add to your value as an employer of choice for your current and future employees by investing in mental health training. Read my post, ‘How to build a mentally healthy workplace‘, to discover more about what steps you can take as an employer to make positive changes towards how mental health is viewed in your organisation.

Now, more than ever, it is vital that we all learn the tools and techniques to provide the assistance people deserve. Contact me and lets talk about how I can help you achieve your goal of implementing your workplace mental health strategy.

Hi, I am Ellender, a freelance, licensed, MHFA instructor providing training in Mental Health Awareness, Adult Mental Health First Aid in England and both Adult and Youth Mental Health First Aid in Wales. In addition, I am a National Trainer for MHFA Wales.

I help businesses to strengthen their mental health strategy in the workplace in order to help minimise financial loss through mental health related absence. I am skilled in communication and experienced in adapting to the needs and diversity of organisations.

Through the evidence led, online training, I teach how to recognise the signs and how best to take action to support people who are struggling with their mental health. By training people in Mental Health Awareness and Mental Health First Aid, I am part of the movement to end the stigma surrounding mental health.

My mission is to work towards helping every business and community build a network of people who are trained in Mental Health First Aid or Mental Health Awareness.

“I thoroughly enjoyed Ellender’s Mental Health First Aid sessions. She carried a friendly, informative and enthusiastic approach to a serious and hard subject. Our organisation are now looking into creating a MHFA Hub thanks to Ellender’s training initiative. I would definitely recommend her training!”

Rhiannon Vater
Hafod Housing

“Ellender was welcoming and enthusiastic from the moment we joined the course. The way in which the information was explained, combined with real life examples, made learning the contents easy and enjoyable. I feel I have taken a huge amount from the course and that is in no small part because of the way in which it was delivered by Ellender.”

Lucy Paterson
Operations Manager