Do you want to put in place measures in your workplace to ensure the right support is always available to your staff and mental health training is part of that strategy?

  • You value your employees’ health – after all, when you invest in their wellbeing, they perform at their best
  • You value both physical health and mental health for yourself and your team
  • You already have a network of trained physical first aiders and recognise the importance of having an additional network of trained Mental Health First Aiders
  • You know the importance of retaining exceptional staff in order to ensure excellent morale and to save time and money on recruitment and retraining

Not sure where to start or which course is right for you?

This is where I can help advise you. You are busy in your own role and there are many training course options available to organisations like yours that would take valuable time to research. The courses I deliver are successful worldwide, with over 4 million people trained in Mental Health First Aid alone. I help support organisations to build a healthy workplace by delivering training in Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health Awareness. By investing in training for your staff, you too can help prevent financial loss due to both absenteeism and presenteeism due to mental health related illness.

Mental health related illness is one of the biggest causes of staff absence and costs the economy millions of pounds every year. So now, more than ever, it is vital that we all learn the tools and techniques to provide the assistance people deserve.

Add to your value as an employer of choice for your current and future employees. Invest in mental health for the benefit of your organisation. Contact me and lets talk about how I can help you achieve your goal of implementing your workplace mental health strategy.



Adapted and licensed for Welsh businesses and communities. Train 10% of your workforce to establish a strong network of Mental Health First Aiders


MHFA England’s certified course is recommended for 10% of your workforce in order to build an efficient network of Mental Health First Aiders


The first step on the journey to learn about mental health. Recommended for all employees across the UK to complement Mental Health First Aiders

What is Mental Health First Aid?

Mental Health First Aid, MHFA, is the help offered to a person developing a mental health problem, experiencing a worsening of an existing mental health problem or in a mental health crisis. The first aid is given until appropriate professional help is received or until the crisis resolves. This help and support will typically be offered by someone who is not a mental health professional, but rather by someone in the person’s social network, such as family, friend or work colleague.

The Mental Health First Aid course teaches how to recognise the cluster of symptoms of different illnesses and mental health crises. You will learn how to offer and provide initial help and how to guide a person towards appropriate treatments and other supportive help.

The Mental Health First Aid course does not teach people to provide a diagnosis or therapy.

The Mental Health First Aid Program began in Australia in 2000 and has since evolved into a global movement with the program now being adopted and delivered in 24 countries. To date, over 4 million people worldwide have been trained.

Mental Health First Aid International develops, delivers and evaluates accredited mental health training programs which can be licensed and culturally adapted by suitable mental health organisations in other countries.


I am Ellender Wildey, a mental health instructor, trained and licensed by both MHFA Wales and MHFA England to deliver their certified courses.

Do you require a Mental Health First Aid instructor who is capable of communicating with and adapting to the needs and diversity of your organisation?

Do you demand a Mental Health First Aid instructor who will engage with, educate and enrich the learning process for your staff to be confident in Mental Health First Aid?

Then contact me and let us plan the mental health training journey for your business.


Start your mental health training journey by contacting me to arrange a meeting to discuss your training requirements


Mental Health First Aid courses are for everyone. You do not need prior knowledge of mental health, just like not requiring medical knowledge to take a physical first aid course.

All sorts of people benefit from this training. The types of people who have benefited already include:

  • Line managers
  • Local authority staff 
  • HR professionals
  • Frontline workers 
  • Teachers
  • Parents 
  • Railway industry employees 


It takes approximately 12-14 hours of learning time to complete the MHFA course. This time is split between self-led learning modules on the MHFA England or MHFA Wales e-learning hub and live webinars with me, usually on Zoom or Teams.

The Australia based MHFA International grants and oversees the worldwide licenses to individual counties. Each of these individual countries has been permitted to adapt the Mental Health First Aid course accordingly to meet their needs, reflecting cultural differences and differing mental health legislation.

MHFA England and MHFA Wales courses may differ slightly, however, the outcome and skills learned are essentially the same.

The MHFA England course fee is £250 per participant. 

The MHFA Wales course fee is £150 per participant.

For group bookings of more than six people in a MHFA course, a 10% discount will be applied.

The Mental Health First Aid course delivery for MHFA England is structured around four live webinars plus the required MHFA course materials are hard copies which are posted to participants beforehand. This incurs a greater costing which is reflected in the course fee.

Whereas, MHFA Wales courses are delivered around two live webinars with online materials for the Mental Health First Aid course, which lessens the cost. 

As a licensed provider of Mental Health First Aid courses, I am guided by the RRP price scale, which are set separately by MHFA England and MHFA Wales

The guide prices are intended to keep Mental Health First Aid course costs fair and consistent countrywide.

To become a Mental Health First Aider you will need to complete the certified MHFA course. This course  is delivered online via an e-learning hub, plus live webinars with me as your licensed instructor. The MHFA  course must be completed in full to obtain your certificate.

Contact me to arrange your place on the next available training course, or to discuss group training for your workplace.

Participants who complete all of the required learning will have access to their downloadable Mental Health First Aid certificate.

The MHFA certificate is valid for three years, the same as physical first aid training. It is recommended that, in order to keep knowledge up to date, another Mental Health First Aid course is taken after this period of time. 

For many, after the three years, a refresher course is adequate, instead of another full MHFA course. This will depend on the level of your retained knowledge, which differs for everyone. 

Contact me to discuss which would be best suited to you.

The Mental Health First Aid courses do not teach someone to diagnose a mental illness or provide therapy as a counsellor. 

Think of it in the same way as a physical first aid course that teaches how to manage a situation and help prevent it from getting worse, rather than how to be a nurse.

The Mental Health First Aid course teaches people to provide initial support whilst professional help is, if necessary, sought.


I’ve recently completed my Mental Health First Aid Course with Ellender as my instructor. There were plenty of course materials to guide me through, which I can always refer back to. The group webinars were extremely informative and easy to follow! They also give you a chance to ask any questions you may have. Ellender was amazing in achieving a sense of community within the group (which we all need at the moment). I would highly recommend this course  due to the relaxed and supportive learning environment created by Ellender.

Kelly Steel - Tokio Marine HCC